The Journey – According to Lanre

The breeze from the ceiling fan gently tapped against my skin. T’was was a beautiful morning as I arose to the sounds of birds chirping by my window. I rejoiced into the great day, but little did I know that the day was about to go from great to special. For on this very day, I will be crossing path with the woman that will become a friend, a helper, and now in a couple of days, My Wife.

I walked into church that Sunday morning and made my way upstairs to the media department, greeting those I saw along the way. I opened the door, and there she was to my right…seated by the balcony railings. She had on black pants, a purple top, with clear salty water streaming down her cheeks (this is how she got the nickname ‘The Crying Lady’). I walked up to her and asked if she was okay, she said she was, and I did not question her further. As I walked back to help with the media, I personally said a little prayer for her, and asked God to grant her heart desire.

Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and I did not see her again. Suddenly…

Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and I did not see her again. Suddenly…(Somebody say Suddenly!) on this particular Sunday, my nose was acting up in the morning. By the time I got ready for church, my allergies had subsided, but as I was about to leave home for church, I felt the need to grab some paper towel thinking I might need it for my nose later. I came into church and went to my usual spot upstairs in the media room to volunteer. Upon getting to the media room, I saw that they had enough workers, so I sat in the balcony area to listen to the sermon. There she was, seated on the opposite side. Pastor wanted us to rise and read a chapter in the bible together as a church…I noticed she didn’t have a bible, so I walked over, and shared mine with her. After the reading of the word, she said she liked the version of my bible. Ladies and Gents, the bible version I had was called The Good News Bible – little did I know that God was already bringing Good News my way…and He started the connection through the sharing of His word. As the sermon progressed, I could tell that the word was hitting home because Lo and behold, the tears started to flow down her cheeks again (The Crying Lady). Towards the end, Pastor had asked us to come to the front if we had a special prayer request, where the ministers will then pray for us. I went down for prayers, and while heading back upstairs, I saw her again. “The Crying Lady” and what was she doing when I saw her….Yes you guessed right…Crying. I pulled out the paper towel from my pocket (here I was thinking it was meant for my nose – Our God works in mysterious ways) and handed it to her. She looked shocked, but she said thank you. I helped her up the stairs, and once again, asked if everything was okay. She gave me her usual response, “I’ll be fine.”

Later on in the year, an opportunity arose to help raise awareness, funds, and participants for a dear brother that was in need of a bone marrow transplant. ‘The Crying Lady came to the event we had put together and that was when I officially got her first name…Toyosi. I said first name because she was soooo ruuudddeee.…(Nowadays, when we talk about that day, she says she was just getting to the point lol). She just gave me her info and her name so fast that all I got was that first name…so when I stored it in my phone, there was no last name to go with it…so as to not confuse her with any other ‘toyosi’, I put her last name as Bone Marrow.

We met again at a Rccg Kings Parish Concert, where I received a call from her later on that day asking to be my friend. Honestly I was shocked, but I had a peace about sharing my life story with her….and as destiny will have it, here we are in 2013 sharing our life story together….and Toyosi Bone Marrow will soon officially be Toyosi Osinowo.