The Proposal – Her Take

Well, let’s just say he got me. During our courtship, we KNEW we were getting married but I did not know how the proposal was going to happen. Being the control freak that I am, I gave him a list of do’s and don’ts (make sure you get my parents’ permission, this is the kind of ring I like, do not propose at a restaurant or a park, make sure my hair and nails are done, the songs I would love for him to play, etc). Yes, I am that calculating but thank God, I have a very, very, very patient husband. After the details comes the timing right? Well, Lanre was very tricky. He had the habit of wining and dining me and I would say to myself, this is it! He is going to propose!!!! I was wrong every time.

I got dressed, came down the stairs and there was my prince charming looked oh so FRESH!!! I mean, FRESH!!!

There was particular day that I was so sure that he was going to propose. He told me he had a ministration and he wanted me to come along but he was being so secretive. Once again NOTHING!!! After a while, it became so frustrating that I just gave up (this was all part of his plan by the way). I decided to live in the moment and forget about the proposal. Then on that Thursday, July the 19th, 2012, it happened. There was no way I would have known. For one, it was a week day and secondly, my hair was a disaster! Thankfully, I went to the spa over the weekend so my nails were on point. I guess he was not worried about the hair because he knows his lady will always work something out in that department. (Thank God for the gift). On Tuesday, the 17th, he told me that we would be going to dinner on Thursday to catch up. I remember talking to my co-worker about my suspicions but I ignored them due to previous experiences of failed expectations.

I told her we will be going to dinner…knowing my baby, she began to ask questions, “where are we going?, what should I wear?, What are you wearing?

I got off work and I was on my way to get ready when he called me to tell me that there was a change of plans- his uncle wanted to meet me before we headed to dinner. Hmmm? What? I knew what I wanted to wear to dinner and it was not a ‘meet the uncle for the first time’ outfit. LOL. So I had to find something that could work for both dinner and an impromptu visit to see his “uncle”. He gets to my place and I am still not done getting dressed. I felt so bad because he said we had reservations at Sambuca’s for 7pm (another reason why I was sure he was not proposing……we were heading to a restaurant) and it was already 6:15pm.

But he kept urging me to take my time. I got dressed, came down the stairs and there was my prince charming looked oh so FRESH!!! I mean, FRESH!!! Lanre had on a nice black suit with a lilac shirt underneath. Hair cut was on point too and he smelled really good. Please forgive me but I had to let ya’ll know that. I am BLESSED. Moving along, we got into the car, he called “Sambuca’s” to let them know that we were running late (once again, he got me good, ugh!!!). Upon arriving at “uncle’s’’ house, I noticed that there was no car in the driveway so I began to inquire but he assured me that “his uncle” was home and the car was in the garage.

We got to the door, Lanre knocked on the door with such authority (for those that know my man, he is so subtle and gentle so this came as a surprise). A gentleman opens the door and says: “Welcome to Omotoyosi’s Kitchen”. I laughed thinking that it was his uncle’s son just teasing. The face looked familiar but I paid it no attention. We walked in but there was no uncle. I began to ask questions: “Lanre. Whose house is this?” and of course, he just kept leading me further into the house until we got to the destination!!!

Omg, a candlelight dinner perfectly set up for two. The gentleman then pulls out my seat and handed me a menu that said “Omotoyosi’s Kitchen”.

As I was about to go in (I love sweets), I just noticed that Ola was on one knee next to me. I was like, “no way. Not now.”

That was when I understood what he said earlier. My love simply sat across the room just staring. The set up was beautiful (thanks Ronnie…shout out to prestige kreations!) the candles smelt so right, the music was playing even though I did not pay attention to the songs (he made the playlist that I requested), and my favorite meal (pasta mardi gras with the Salmon and scallops)was served. It was over the top but for some reason, it still didn’t hit me. I kept telling myself that he was not going to propose that day. To be honest, the proposal did not even matter anymore at that point. I was living in the moment. I could barely eat my food but Lanre insisted that the waiter should bring dessert. So he did.

As I was about to go in (I love sweets), I just noticed that Ola was on one knee next to me. I was like, “no way. Not now.” He started talking. I remember his first words: “The day is finally here.” Everything after that was a blur. I was in complete shock. I asked if he was recording (I noticed a camcorder on the counter), he said yes, so I took the time to put on my shoes cause you know I had to look on point!!! This was a once in a lifetime event. Lol. He asked me to be his wife and I said YES, without hesitation. We embraced each other shared a toast and I thought that was it but I was wrong. He tells me that we had one more place to go. We headed towards the door but my “waiter” kept following us with the camcorder. I began to tell him that the show was over and he could put the camera away but before I could utter a word, the door opened and everyone screamed “surprise!!!”. I ran back into the house then Ronke (who was in the closet the entire time and got her brother to play the role of my waiter), jumped out. That was when it hit me. The tears just kept on flowing. I could not contain it. The man of my dreams just gave me the BEST proposal EVER!!