The Proposal – His Take

Well, well, well…Soooooo… The Proposal. My soon to be wife is the most curious woman you would ever meet. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT hint to her that you are planning a surprise for her because, she will most likely make you reveal the surprise before the set date…She will ask and probe…I call it her Matthew 7:7 weapon “Ask and it shall be given unto you” Ife mi will ASK questions upon questions until you unknowingly spill the beans. I made up my mind that no matter how hard she pushes, no matter how many times she will ask me the question over and over, I will not budge. A couple of weeks into the proposal, I had taken her on a few dates (shout out to Ronke for the Idea)…and on each date, I knew she will think I was going to propose. After 3 outings and no proposal, she got used to no “Will you marry me?” (Mission Accomplished). I called Ife on Tuesday and told her to cancel her plans for July 19th 2012. I told her we will be going to dinner…knowing my baby, she began to ask questions, “Where are we going? What should I wear? What are you wearing? Should I put on long earrings or short earrings? X-A-Tera, X-A-Tera…So I said to her, “Honey bunches of sweet caramel oats, you will look great in anything you wear…but If you must ask, put on a nice dinner outfit because we are going to Sambuca Jazz Cafe.”

After 3 outings and no proposal, she got used to no “Will you marry me” (Mission Accomplished)

I stopped by The James’s to get ready, and then I was on my way to pick her up. Upon getting to her place, I told her that I had spoken to my uncle on the way, and he will love to meet her…So we will have to stop by his house briefly before heading to Sambuca. When we got into the car, I made a fake call to Sambuca and spoke to the Air saying, “Hello, this is the 7pm reservation for 2 under the name Osinowo. We are running a little bit late, and was wondering if we could move our reservation to 8pm” I nodded to the air, said thank you, and ended the call. She fell for it.

I told her we will be going to dinner…knowing my baby, she began to ask questions, “where are we going?, what should I wear?, What are you wearing?

We got to my “Uncle’s House” and knocked on the door our waiter opened the door, and welcomed her to “Omotoyosis’s Kitchen” I could tell that she was still confused on what was going on. The waiter led us to the dining area, and there before her laid a candlelight dinner set up for two. The waiter pulled out her chair and she sat down. I likewise took my seat across the table from her. The waiter then brought the menu that I had made for her, and instantly she melted. The music came on with all her favorite songs (Shout out to DJ Joe), and the waiter brought our meal. We talked, laughed, and simply enjoyed each other’s company.

Then came desert, but at that time, I could not wait another second more. I rose from my seat and approached her…my approach was so quick that before she knew what was happening, I was on my knee by her side. I gently took her hand, and poured out my heart to her. The tears started flowing down her cheeks “The Crying Lady” She said YES! We rose together and danced into the evening. I then reminded her that we need to start leaving for our appointment at Sambuca. She was like, “We are still going there?” I smiled and nodded.

As she opened the door, She got a huge shock as The James’s, Ronke, Joe, Missy, Kenneth, Tunde, and Jumie surprised her. Ronke had been in the kitchen pantry recording the whole time (God bless her heart) The James’s had made the post-engagement meal which they brought with them, and my baby was crying all over again.